Health and safety risks of Hurricane Sandy clean up


Hurricane Sandy make a disaster for East Coast of the United Stated. It affected more than 50 million people there and there’s a potential health and safety risks with the natural disaster. There’s a health risks especially the contaminated water. Other than that’s there’s also health and safety risk need to beware such as :-

1. Rats maybe become one of the problem in this situation. There’s also possibility the place could lead to ratpocalypse. There’s a possibility that NYC will get an enormous populations of rat especially after their population damage and they come to the surface to get food and shelter. As we know, rats could spread numbers of diseases such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonella, typhus and the plague.
2. When in cleaning process, many people will be trying to start generators, pressure washers and other machines for home used. It is a possibilty that large machinery in a closed environment that could create carbon monoxide.
3. Cautious with item in the refrigerator. Most of the food risk of consuming spoiled food after a power outage. Do not consume food because it could give you food poisoning such as nausea, fever, vomiting, diarrhea and pain in the abdomen.
4. Always drink boiling water. To ensure safe drinking, always have a few bottled gallons as an emergency supply.
5. Avoid cantact with raw sewage. Tri County Health Department has been given information that the raw sewage exposure to bacteria, parasites and viruses. If you working in flooded are, make sure your hand is clean, quarantine.
6. Aware of any health condition. Make sure you have adequate liquids especially if you have a serious disease such as diabetes.

Source :- Voxxi

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