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OB/GYN : Reprioritizing Your Health

Do you visit OB/GYN ? OB/GYN is acronym of obstetrician (OB) and gynecologist (GYN).OB/GYN are the two surgical medical specialities dealing with the female reproductive organs in their pregnant and non-pregnant state. Regular visits to the OB/GYN are critical to a woman’s health. The OB/GYN is often the only doctor a woman sees on an annual basis and they play a vital role in detecting various cancers, sexually transmitted diseases


How to take care of your health at home? A. Personal Health Care At Home If you have fever, take paracetamol as the recommended dose. Fever has subsided does not mean you have recovered, but can make you feel more comfortable. Follow the instructions on the medicine label. Consult your medical practitioner about the medicines prescribed, appropriate dosages, side effects of drugs and when the intake should be stopped. Rest.

Top 10 signs of heart failure

We’ve read many people die of heart failure and sometimes we don’t even know about the sign. Yahoo Health has give 10 top signs of heart failure for us to be alert. There’s top 10 signs of heart failure 1. Unexplained changes in behavior. – Some of people who suffered with heart illness never told about their sickness. If there’s a changing habits or routine, you must notice it. The

Nursemaid's elbow : Be Careful When U Hold or Carry Your Child Hand

Radial dislocation may be caused by a sudden pull on a child’s arm or hand. For first aid, immobilize the arm and take the child to the doctor’s office or emergency room. Also known as: Radial head dislocation, Pulled elbow, Dislocated elbow – children, Elbow – nursemaid’s, Elbow – pulled, Elbow subluxation, Dislocation – elbow – partial or Dislocation – radial head Definition Nursemaid’s elbow is a dislocation of a

Regular Massage Therapy Can Make You More Relaxed And Productive

Every day we expose our bodies to a range of stressors including work, exercise and social interaction. This regular wear-and-tear phenomenon slowly becomes apparent in both our physical and mental functioning on a day-to-day basis. It is possible to become moody, depressed or easily agitated and derive less enjoyment from activities that were once our hobbies. Aside from these psychological and social changes regular stress can also lead to detrimental

5 Easy Ways to Increase Manpower

5 Easy Ways to Increase Manpower There’s many sex product in the market that promo that their medicine/supplement could increase your manpower. Some of the supplement has side effect on your health and will threaten your body in the future. The better way to make your sexual stamina increase are by natural way. Follow these steps to increase your testeosterone :-