Using Aromatherapy for Healing

Most people around the world don’t understand how effective aromatherapy can be for healing. From anxiety and depression to headaches, pain and even anxiety and depression, there is a healing scent for almost everything.

To help get all of the information together about aromatherapy and essential oils, FragranceX designed a handy visual that outlines all of the different healing aromatherapy scents. The best part about all of these is that they are backed by scientific studies! They are also categorized by ailment so that it’s easy to find the information you need.

For example, did you know that camphor essential oil has been shown to cure tension headaches? Fun fact: it’s also been approved by the FDA for topical use to ease pain.

Another great aromatherapy scent is lemongrass, studies show that it relieves stress and tension. Similarly, orange scented essential oil has been shown to reduce anxiety. It has even been used to help PTSD survivors!

Below you can find 12 other examples of healing aromatherapy scents. Feel free to use them next time you are feeling ill. Perhaps try them before you take other medication — it might not be needed after that!

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