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25 Tips For A Flat Tummy

Hello. Do you want to get a flat tummy? There’s many tips to have that a flat tummy. In this article I’ll share 25 tips for a flat tummy. Hopefully you can get a flat tummy after following some of the advice :   Drink a glass of water before eating Eat five small meals a day Eat slowly Do cardio 20 minutes a day. 5 days a week Know

Types of Baby Acne

Do you have a baby? If yes, maybe you will found that your baby get acne in his/her face. Baby get acne (also known as neonatal acne) on a newborn’s skin. It can occur anywhere on the face but mostly on the nose, cheeks and forehead. It is common and temporary so don’t panic if your baby get acne. It can last for weeks or even months on baby’s skin.It tends to

How to Remove Pimple Scars Naturally.

Do you have scar because of pimples? No, pimples can’t make the scaring, it is because your habit to pick, pinch and squeeze it. The way you handle the pimple that cause your face with scar. I just found some of the idea about how to handle the pimple scars naturally. I think it is better to place the article without adjusting it. Just read it :- Generally, pimples should

How to get ride of blackheads

Do you have an experience a blackhead in your skin? It is not only black color; sometimes it can be yellowish in color. It is a widened hair follicle which is filled with skin debris, oil and bacteria. The blackheads appear means acne will come. Blackheads come before bacteria invade the pores of the patient’s skin. It can develop as a pimple and make your skin worst. upload photo These

Mental Trick to fight depression

Depression is one of mental health problem. There’s many medication to help fight depression but sometimes you need to fight using other method such as :- 1. Don’t catastrophize. What is catastrophize? catastrophizing is an irrational thought a lot of us have in believing that something is far worse than it actually is. Instead of thinking negative, try to make your life more positive side. 2. Stop ruminating. Okay, another

Causing Factors of Accumulation of Poisons from Errorneous Lifestyle

Errorneous lifestyle may lead to accumulation of poisons which act as a part of disease causing factors. This includes a combination of any of the following in any proportion: upload pictures a) Over exposure to sunshine or total avoidance of sunshine for the benefits of vitamin-D enriched foods uptake. b) Drastically reduced (e.g < ½ L/day) or excessive (e.g > 4L/day) water consumption. c) Under-urination due to reduced water consumption;