What To Expect From A Physiotherapist

April 15, 2014 zolar 0

Do you know about physiotherapist? Physiotherapists work with clients to provide pain management and rehabilitation treatment. Individuals who have suffered from heart attacks or dislocated joints […]

Info about Psoriasis

April 8, 2014 zolar 1

Have you heard about psoriasis ? Maybe some of us not really familiar about this disease but it just become known after popular singer, Lee […]


Biotechnology in your health

April 7, 2014 zolar 1

Do you know about biotechnology ?In this article, I’ll share some basic about biotechnology especially that related to our health. What is Biotechnology Biotechnolgy is […]

What is Asthma

April 6, 2014 zolar 0

Asthma is a common problem that affects many people worldwide. It  is a chronic (long-term) lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways. This disease causes […]