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9 lifestyle changes can cut dementia risk

One third of dementia cases can be prevented with some basic lifestyle changes and better education during childhood, a study published in The Lancet said Thursday. Nearly 50 million people around the world suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s according to the latest estimates. This figure could balloon to 132 million by 2050. The nine factors which damage the brain notably include hearing loss, obesity and smoking, the study found. “Our

Minute of Exercise A Day Could Prevent Osteoporosis

Many people think that getting fit means devoting your life to the gym and slogging it out for hours. And unsurprisingly, that can be pretty off-putting. But increasingly we’re realising that short workouts can be much more effective than long ones, if you just know what to do. It turns out that just a minute’s exercise a day can have a hugely beneficial impact on your health. According to a

Despite Warnings, Kids Are Still Dying in Hot Cars

FRIDAY, July 14, 2017 (HealthDay News) –– On July 2, a 7-week-old baby boy died after being left in his grandmother’s van for almost eight hours on a hot summer day in Mary Esther, Fla. The boy’s mother placed the infant in a rear-facing car seat in the van after church. But the grandmother wasn’t told the baby was in the vehicle, according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s office. By

Office workers are as sedentary as retirees says new study

Carried out by the University of Edinburgh’s Physical Activity for Health Research Centre, the team gathered data on 14,367 people in Scotland taken from the 2012-14 Scottish Health Survey, to look at how age and sex affected weekday and weekend sedentary time. Defined as time spent in any waking activity done while sitting or reclined, sedentary time includes working, eating, reading, watching TV, or spending time on a computer. Many

A guide to storing medicine safely in your own home

EVEN as a healthy adult, you probably have some medicine in your home, for the occasional headache, allergic reaction, cold sore, or oven burn. But medication has a shelf life. And how you store it affects its longevity and the safety of your family. WHERE TO KEEP YOUR MEDICINE According to Martin et al (2016), heat, air, light, and moisture can damage medicine, making it less effective. With this in

The World Health Organization Says Being Single Is Now A Disability

The Telegraph reports that the World Health Organization is changing the definition of disabilities. The decision, which is a controversial one, will make it so that in vitro fertilization will be available to heterosexual men and women without a partner, as well as single members of the LGBTQ community, on the same priority level that couples receive. Essentially, accessibility to public funds for IVF would be available to all. Some