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Sleepless Nights Could Pose Heart Risk Dangers

WEDNESDAY, May 24, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Getting less than six hours of sleep a night may double the odds of dying from heart disease or stroke for people who already have risk factors for heart disease and diabetes, new research suggests. Known as metabolic syndrome, this cluster of risk factors can include high blood pressure, high levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, high blood sugar, obesity, high levels of blood

6 Ways Your Body asks for Help

Regret is an awful feeling. You may hear it often in hospital corridors. When patients—or their families—mention tell tale signs they ignored. Often these intensify into huge health challenges. Sometimes it’s too late to regain any health at all. We all know hindsight has 20/20 vision. But what if we can look ahead with less blurry eyesight? You’ll be surprized how much you can tell about your body’s overall condition

Starting Late to Exercise

Age should never be a hindrance to doing most things and starting exercise later in life actually makes you keep going longer. You don’t have to be “over the hill” after 40 or 50. There is some evidence that shows a relatively healthy person embarking on his journey to fitness at an older age does not succumb much to wear and tear like his younger counterparts. It makes sense because

How to choose the right type of juice for your lifestyle

You will have noticed that many juice stalls have popped up around town, all claiming to be the best fresh-pressed juice you can find. The trend has had some claiming that consuming cold-pressed fresh juices can help you lose weight, boost immunity, prevent cancer and cleanse your system. Whether the claims are true, this might have inspired you to look at buying a juicer.   While it remains to be

9 Myths about Food Poisoning

Here are some common myths about food poisoning, and what you can do to keep yourself out of the bathroom or the ER for the rest of the summer. 1. It can’t happen to me. Of course it can. Food poisoning is one of the most common maladies in the U.S. About one in six of us get sick by consuming contaminated foods or beverages, according to the CDC. That

Third of men with poor mental health blame jobs, says Mind

Men are more likely than women to suffer mental health problems brought on by work and less likely to seek help, the charity Mind has said. Its survey of 15,000 employees found 1,763 had poor mental health. A third of men attributed that to their job, 14% said the source was outside work. In contrast, women found their job and external problems equally stressful. Men and women, workers and managers,