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Do you suffer from acne? What do you do to manage with it? When I was younger, if I had a break out of acne I’d hide inside the house as much as I could, too afraid to face the world. I always got really embarrassed about my skin and unfortunately many people feel the need to do the same. Although acne is nothing to be ashamed about and many

Good face hygiene. It's not just soap and water

I just bought a manual healthy book for teens. It is such a thick book and I think it is better if I’ve share some of the guide for teens. It not just for sharing but also reminder to me as I’ve keep on typing the article. The article I want to share it about the healthy skin. All of us dream of healthy skin and some of us who

Acne medication ups eye infection risk

Wow.. This is news that will effect many people that scare of Acne.A new research from Tel Aviv University has revealed that these pills can cause eye infections such as conjuctivitis (pink eye) or sties. According to Dr Gabriel Chodick of TAU’s School of Public Health at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine show that there’s a connection between acne and eye infections. The research revealed that patients who took oral