Good face hygiene. It’s not just soap and water

I just bought a manual healthy book for teens. It is such a thick book and I think it is better if I’ve share some of the guide for teens. It not just for sharing but also reminder to me as I’ve keep on typing the article.

The article I want to share it about the healthy skin. All of us dream of healthy skin and some of us who have money will get special treatment from expertise. But there’s a cheaper way if we follow this step


Step 1 : Wash with pH-balanced soap

– Every person has an acid mantle that forms a protective layer over the skin to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. If it loses this acidity, skin becomes more prone to damage and infection. By washing your face with ordinary soaps, which are usually basic , which ends up removing the mantle that seals in moisture.
The benefit of using a pH-balance soap is your pores will look smaller if they’re kept free of oils and dirt. Ideally you should wash your face twice daily and you don’t need to spend more than a few seconds doing it. Excessive rubbing can aggravate acne. Skin the soaps with colors and fragrances, too. They just add residue and increase the chance of an allergic reaction.

Step 2: Moisturize

– Typically, your skin soaks up moisture to keep itself looking fresh and smooth. Healthy moisturizers don’t disturb the acid mantle of the skin or clog pores. We prefer natural moisturizers, such as squalene, avocado oil, walnut butter, alor and cocoa butter and ones that are proven to be hypoallergenic- meaning that they don’t cause allergic reactions. Apply moisturizer while you’re still damp from the shower to seal in the moisture after hightly patting yourself dry.


Step 3 : Use sunblock

– The sun is you skin’s biggest enemy and using sunblock will keep your skin looking healthy and young.

Reference :- The Owners Manual For Teeens – A Guide to a Healthy Body and Happy Life

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