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The 101 On Neuropathic Pain Symptoms

Peripheral neuropathy is the term used to describe damage done to the peripheral nervous system. This often occurs due to traumatic physical injury, such as falls, sports injuries and vehicular accidents. When peripheral neuropathy occurs, nerves are often severed, injured, compressed or stretched. If done with enough force, this may cause the nerves to become completely detached from the spinal cord. Broken bones and slipped disks are also common reasons

Information about Hearing Aids

Do you have a problem in hearing sound? A hearing aid is an apparatus uses behind the ear. It is designed to amplify and modulate sound to the user ear. It will make sounds louder and help a person with hearing loss. The device will increase the quality of sound in noisy and quite situations but not all of hearing loss people gets benefit from the hearing aid. Some of


You finally got your braces off! The freedom of not having braces is splendid and something that you have not felt in a while. However, now the dentist tells you that you will have to wear a retainer. You feel your teeth, and they feel smooth and straight. Is this necessary? The dentist goes on to tell you that throughout your life your teeth are supported by your gums. The

Exercise according to your heart

You’re doing an aerobic workout but still in doubt if you’ve done your best.You think whether the exercise you do is worthwhile.Sometimes you see other people sweat a lot when you only sweat a little. Sweating is not the best method to see the level of training. The real method is our heartbeat.When you exercise, your heart will beat strong muscle needs that require more blood and oxygen. Exercise harder,

Brown Rice benefi

Brown rice is the most healthy food. These small grains originated from China more than 6,000 years ago. It is a staple food among the multi-cultural society, especially in Asian countries.Brown rice is part of a family full of cereal. Benefits of brown rice  

Good face hygiene. It's not just soap and water

I just bought a manual healthy book for teens. It is such a thick book and I think it is better if I’ve share some of the guide for teens. It not just for sharing but also reminder to me as I’ve keep on typing the article. The article I want to share it about the healthy skin. All of us dream of healthy skin and some of us who