Information about Hearing Aids

Do you have a problem in hearing sound?
A hearing aid is an apparatus uses behind the ear. It is designed to amplify and modulate sound to the user ear. It will make sounds louder and help a person with hearing loss. The device will increase the quality of sound in noisy and quite situations but not all of hearing loss people gets benefit from the hearing aid. Some of them can’t adopt with the device. The hearing aid consists of microphone, speaker and amplifier. The sound will be received via a microphone and converts the sound waves to electrical signals. The amplifier will give the quality sound to the ear via a speaker.

Type of the hearing aids

ITE – In the ear
Hearing Aids ITE
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This hearing aid is designed for people with varying degrees of hearing loss from mild to severe. It fills the entire center of the ear. The ITE hearing aid is almost impossible to hide, however it has a long battery life and it works with a directional microphone and other accessories.

BTE – behind the ear

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This type of hearing aids locate behind user’s ear. A plastic tube funnels amplified sound into an earmold in the ear canal.This device can hold more amplify sound and circuitry to a greater degree. BTE aids is more reasonable to wear than other types and easy to use it.

ITC – In the canal

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The ITC hearing aids are custom-built based on person ear. These type of hearing aids is danger for children since the size of a child’s ear keeps on growing with age and unsuitable for them.

CIC – completely in the canal

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This type of hearing aid is hard to remove and can be affected by ear wax or fluids draining from within the ear. The user must be kept clean to maintain optimum performance.

It is important to know the best type to choose the suitable hearing aids. Refer audiologist to find the best suited to your needs.

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