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Noise exposure is the main cause of preventable hearing loss all over the world. It now accounts for more than a third of all cases of hearing loss in developed countries – and city dwellers are most at risk. A study published recently in The Lancet revealed that living in a noisy city increases your risk of hearing damage by 64 per cent. Noise is measured in decibels (dB). Zero decibels is

Stimulating the ear with a device may be a new way to treat common heart problem

Stimulating the ear with a hand-held device the size of a mobile phone may be a new way to treat the most common heart rhythm problem, atrial fibrillation (AF). This is where the heartbeat is irregular and often abnormally fast – around one million people are affected. Patients can often feel their heart pounding in their chest – known as palpitations – for a few seconds at a time. Researchers

Presbiacusis for elder

Among the difficulties that are commonly found in the elderly is a problem of lack hearing (Presbiacusis). Elements that are often associated with deterioration of hearing function was attributed to the auditory nerve component (vestibulokoklea) who have degeneration compared with more young people due to structural problems. This hearing problem is actually not something that must happen to everyone and at the same level. This is because every human being

Information about Hearing Aids

Do you have a problem in hearing sound? A hearing aid is an apparatus uses behind the ear. It is designed to amplify and modulate sound to the user ear. It will make sounds louder and help a person with hearing loss. The device will increase the quality of sound in noisy and quite situations but not all of hearing loss people gets benefit from the hearing aid. Some of

Tips to Choose the best Hearing Aid Before You Buy

The problem of hearing loss is a common one; with the development in the field of medical treatment this complication can be effectively checked. There are numerous types of Hearing Aids available in the market that can solve the problem of hearing loss up to great extent. The hidden hearing is a company that offers quality medical equipments and treatment to provide quality treatment to those who are suffering from

Tips for your Ears

image Hearing damage is one of most afraid problem in our system and can also develop later in life. Hearing loss or commonly known as Noise-Induced Hearing Loss is the loss of hearing sense.. In our environment there are many noises that affect our hearing. It will cause damage if the sounds are too loud for long time. It can occur if there are continuous noise exposures or immediately after