Presbiacusis for elder

Among the difficulties that are commonly found in the elderly is a problem of lack hearing (Presbiacusis). Elements that are often associated with deterioration of hearing function was attributed to the auditory nerve component (vestibulokoklea) who have degeneration compared with more young people due to structural problems.

This hearing problem is actually not something that must happen to everyone and at the same level. This is because every human being has a life style, occupation, health status, place of residence and in different environments. All these background factors may influence the level of hearing impairment in old age.


Presbiacusis hearing impairment is most often associated with aging. Actually, this problem is the aging process in the physiology of the body. It usually occurs at age 65 years and may occur earlier.

Factors that influence the type of sensorineural impairment include genetics, exposure to excessive noise and long-lasting or other systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hypothyroidism, and so forth.


Between the symptoms someone is experiencing difficulty presbiakusis is to hear, especially noisy environmet although there are clearly in a state of quiet. They may claim to be able to hear, but do not understand what is spoken.

The phenomenon of collecting sound stimuli or “recruitment” is also often the case, they will suddenly hear a strong voice when the tone gradually improved.


It is important to ensure that the patient’s general health is in optimal conditions, such as controlling blood glucose levels are good, taking thyroid Harmon therapy according to dose, and the importance of regularly scheduled appointments as required. This is because the nerves are vestibulokoklea other nerves, are vulnerable to complications involving the nervous, the result of systemic health problems such as uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, autoimmune diseases, infections and so forth.

Some may also be supplied with the vitamin (Metilkobalamin) that helps slow down the degeneration of this nerve. However, more important is the patient’s own awareness.

Examination of Ear and Hearing
Before going to try any method of treatment is recommended, get a better view of the ear specialist doctor or hearing specialist (audiologist) for ear examination and measurement of the hearing. This is because not all patients according to the same treatment.
Hearing Aids
Methods that are suitable to help improve their hearing is a way to use a hearing aid. Maybe people think that by wearing the appliance, it will expose their weaknesses to the public. This type of hearing aid because they know usually the type of the old and not very user friendly.

Recently, in line with technology improvements, there are various forms and types of hearing aids are available on the market. Which kind is a tool often used behind the ear, the ear, the ear canal and completely in the ear canal.

Hearing impairment in the elderly is a matter which is not rare. Usually, it is due to nerve function impairment in line with the body’s physiological changes in the aging process. Medical examination is very necessary to ensure that no other problems that cause lack of hearing this.

Hearing aids, which are available in various types and forms is one of the most appropriate treatment methods to help galongan citizens to enjoy better hearing ..

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