Danger of Leptospirosis

December 31, 2014 zolar 0

Do you know about Leptospirosis? It is also known by various names such as disease Weil, fever Icterohemorrhage, Disease Swineherd’s, […]

Tips for flood victims

December 30, 2014 zolar 0

Nowaday some state in Malaysia facing problem of flood. Untill 5 December 2013, there’s more than 34,000 people evacuated and […]

Presbiacusis for elder

December 26, 2014 zolar 0

Among the difficulties that are commonly found in the elderly is a problem of lack hearing (Presbiacusis). Elements that are […]

What is Schizophrenia

December 25, 2014 zolar 0

Do you know about schizophrenia? It is mental illness and dangerous. It could disabling brain disease. The patient will have […]