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You’re doing an aerobic workout but still in doubt if you’ve done your best.You think whether the exercise you do is worthwhile.Sometimes you see other people sweat a lot when you only sweat a little. Sweating is not the best method to see the level of training. The real method is our heartbeat.When you exercise, your heart will beat strong muscle needs that require more blood and oxygen. Exercise harder, faster heart beats. So exercise with heart rate is the best way to determine the level of an exercise.

To determine whether the rate is appropriate for you, consider some of these things first: –
1. Maximum heart rate
– This depends on your age. To estimate the maximum heart rate you need to do is age minus 220.
2. The target heart rate zone
– For healthy individuals between 50 percent rate up to 80 per cent of maximum heart rate (the highest) you are 180 beats per minute, the lowest rate is 90 beats per minute you (50 percent).

When you get to know your target heart rate, but you also need to know how to use this information as soon as possible. For those new to exercise, should set a target to lower and raise the level of the zone after comfortable with the exercise. In more active individuals or those who berlatuh for competition, can adnda targets such as 90 percent of maximum heart rate.
Regardless, the target heart rate is recommended by people who had no health problems. For those who have health problems, should first consult your doctor about the level of exercise that can be followed.

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