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Know Your Dentures

Do you regularly see your dentist to check or change your teeth? It can become a phobia for some individual to see dentist. If your dentist recommends dentures for you, you obviously have a list of questions cropping up in your mind. Having your teeth replaced is a major change and it takes time for the thought to sink in. Many dentists will give you as much information as they

Importance to white your teeth

free photo hosting Do you want to have perfect white and sparkling teeth?? Most of us will say ‘YES’.It is really nice to have brightest smile. Bad teeth will give effect on your life. Some of us don’t know the white teeth are important especially in the face to face conversation. People will compliment you on your smile. Ugly yellow teeth will give bad impression from your audience. It always

How to Handle a Sudden Oral or Facial Injury

Some of the most common and most serious external injuries sustained are facial and oral trauma, mostly due to their proximity to the brain, brainstem and spinal cord. The immense concentrations of nerve endings in the mouth and face can also lead to substantial pain and damage. Image Hosting Naturally, in the event of a sudden oral or facial injury it is best to err on the side of caution

Tips for Pulling a Child's Loose Tooth

I just get an email that want me to review their article. I just finished the article and found it is useful for this blog. The article is about 10 practical tips for pulling a child’s loose tooth. Okay I don’t want to alter the article so I copy paste the article. Read the 10 practical tips for pulling a child’s loose tooth picture hosting Don’t DIY – We thought

Gum infection

Do you have problem in gum infection? Gum infection is an unpleasant but common problem in which a viral infection affects the tissue of the gum. This disease may result in a number of other symptoms including potentially the loss of teeth. There are various forms of treatment that can help you to overcome it using home remedies and medication that will be prescribed by a dentist or doctor. Image

Tooth Scaling May Lower Heart Risk

Image Hosting A news from researchers in Taiwan found that dental patients who had clean teeth and scaled it can reduced risks of stroke and heart attack. Researcher in Sweeden also find that the gum disease or periodontal may predict defree of risks for heart failure , stroke and heart attack. The studies has been present at the American Heart Association’s (AHA’s) Scientific Sessions 2011. The research found that participants