Cigarette Butts & The Environment

Cigarettes butts are the most littered item in the world. This isn’t hard to believe when you consider that 65% of cigarettes smoked are littered. This adds up to over 4.5 trillion cigarettes being littered around the world every year. The amount of toxic waste this produces is staggering. This infographic from purplebox describes in detail the devastating impact it is having on our environment.

Just on our beaches, there were recently 3.2 million cigarette parts were collected in one year. Of course, many cigarette butts (80%) are lost in our oceans and have an absolutely devastating effect on marine life.

This is hardly surprising when you consider the chemical composition of cigarettes and they tend to leak very badly when introduced to water. This isn’t just any leak, but a leak that involves over 4000 chemicals entering our water stream. Find out more information about the impact cigarette butts are having on the environment in the infographic.

impact of cigarette

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