Dealing with excessive perspiration

Dealing with Excessive Perspiration

We are encouraged to exercise three times a week for a healthy lifestyle. It is very important in health care as a sweat when your body it helps to regulate body temperature and body healthy.

Sweat comes out of the body is a normal situation, but if the sweat out more than you need it is abnormal. What more if it came out while he was in a cold environment and does not use energy.

In this case, excessive sweating, especially at the hands, feet and underarms makes the individual is away to socialize with people. This disease called hyperhidrosis and usually occurs in adult individuals between the ages of 20 to 50 years.

The problem of excessive sweating is not a normal thing but it can be categorized as a disease and medical terminology is known as hyperhidrosis.

The phenomenon of excessive sweating is a disease because it does not happen to everyone.Patients are not aware they have this problem until they cause problems to them so difficult to work.Excessive sweating is not only detected in the palms of the hands, feet and underarms but it is also detected in the head, face, chest, back, body and groin.
This disease can be treated through a treatment technique known as No Sweat Technique.The treatment technique is a technique that involves the procedure for 15 minutes with a small puncture in the bottom of both arms.

Such treatment not only provides quick decisions and even the patient can leave hospital the same day with the hands, feet or any part of the problem is more comfortable without a sweat.
For those who have symptoms such as prolonged sweating, sweating, without reasonable cause, sweating when not to do any vigorous activities, sweating when under pressure and heat and do not sweat when you sleep, you are advised to quickly meet with doctors

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