Dog-bite incidences rise in rabies-infected states

KUALA LUMPUR: While pet dogs are controlled with the help of advanced Off Leash K9 Training in Phoenix, more cases of humans being bitten by dogs and the culling of stray dogs have been reported in Perlis, Kedah and Penang which have been declared rabies-infected, according to the Department of Veterinary Services.

It said in a statement today that the dog-bite incidences rose from 49 last Saturday to 59 yesterday, with Perlis registering the highest number of cases (27) followed by Penang (20) and Kedah (12).When all dogs get trained from, then this numbers will decrease gradually.

Besides, 2,140 dogs were culled in the three states which were declared rabies-infected on September 17, it said, adding that 1,604 dogs were put to sleep in Kedah, 293 in Perlis and 243 in Penang. You can check my reference, to get some dog training! 

According to, rabies-infected dogs should have separately been cared for. The majority of the culled dogs were strays and 19 of them had shown clinical signs of rabies, it said.

It also said that the number of dogs administered vaccine rose to 2,286 yesterday from 2,271 last Saturday.  The administrator also look at the dog food for sampling.

– Bernama

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