Eating for Longevity: 5 Diet Changes to Extend Your Life

 Thanks to advances in science, we are now able to know how important eating well is for our overall well-being. With fast food restaurants popping up on every corner, and the average person working more than 40 hours a week, it is so easy to grab something fast. Regrettably, those fast foods will put you in an early grave. You are what you eat, or so they say. If you want to live longer, you need to pay attention to every food you put in your mouth. Even if you have poor eating habits now, you can make a chance. Here are five changes you can make to your eating habits that will change your life.


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1. Go Fishing!

 Fish is a staple of almost any diet. It is not only low in calories, but it also is a high source of protein too. Fish has omega 3’s that will keep your bad cholesterol levels under control. It also has vitamins and minerals your body needs. Try salmon, herring or trout to give you the nutrients you need. Eating well does not mean have fish every day, but it would not hurt you. You need to learn to make wise choices when it comes to your eating habits.

2. Get Fiber Full

 Fiber not only helps you to feel fuller during the day, but it also keeps your digestive system in check. Additionally, fiber can help fight off coronary artery disease. By eating just 25-35 grams per day, you can reduce your risk of heart problems. Statistics show that the average person eats half than their daily requirement of fiber, which could be why coronary artery problems are on the rise.

3. Eat Your Meals Slowly

 Have you ever been out to eat with someone who ate so fast they were done before you even had a chance to start? If you are eating your meals too fast, statistics show that you are consuming more than you should. Those who take their time and chew eat bite eat less than those who inhale their food. Try chewing each bite 10 times and then taking a sip of water. It will really help to fill you up faster. Concentrate on the great conversation and family time rather than cramming the mouth full. If possible, eat smaller meals more frequently.

4. Grab a Juicy Slice of Watermelon

 When you have a hankering for something sweet, grab a slice of watermelon or piece of fruit. Did you know that watermelon is known to fight heart disease and even cancer? Watermelons have lycopene in them. If you keep your melon at room temperature, it will produce more lycopene than it does when it is cold. Your body needs all the lycopene it can get as it is one powerful antioxidant.

5. Switch to a New Spud

 You probably love potatoes. Whether they are mashed, fried, or just baked; potatoes are great. However, those starchy potatoes turn to sugar inside your system. In the country of Japan, their people are known for their long lives. In fact, the people of Japan eat fewer calories than any other country on average. Surprisingly enough, their diet is very nutritionally dense. They eat a great deal of tofu and sweet potatoes. Did you know that tofu is full of nutrients and can actually help you to help prevent breast cancer and heart disease? The sweet potatoes have beta-carotene- and vitamin C, also vital things your body needs.

 Obesity is killing people by the tens of thousands. It has become an epidemic in many countries around the world. Those who are 40 pounds or more will take about 3 years off their life. Those who are 100 pounds or more will lose up to 10 years off their life. Isn’t it time that you starting paying attention to what you eat? Even if you do not have a health problem right now, if you continue an unhealthy eating plan you soon could find that your weight is at an uncomfortable level.

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