Everything you need to know about weight loss through sport

weight Loss through sport

Everything you need to know about weight loss through sport

  • Have you ever heard the famous phrase “only from 45 minutes of sport you start typing in fat”? This sentence is there evidence or is it a legend?
  • Are there differences between men and women in the field of weight loss through sport?
  • Are there any secrets to lose more fat through sport?

These questions seem essential and deserve clear and precise answers. In fact, there are too many “legends” and false truths in the field of weight loss and sport .Sometimes we try to make us believe that running with sweat belt lose belly, sometimes we’re rehashing that if our workout does not last at least 45-minutes it is useless!

In this article I will try to answer as accurately as possible to these questions, relying on scientific research in the field of sport and the loss of fat. I try as much as possible to meet the two most important questions: Why? How?

This is my advice No. 1 in the field of sports and weight loss: take the reflex to ask these questions to someone who gives you a nickname recipe for losing weight. In fact, no matter who tells you it will simply be unable to respond to these two issues, the answers will make you open your eyes to the lack of seriousness and scientific basis of his remarks.

Let me be clear: it is WRONG to believe it was not until the 45th minute to start burning fat!

Indeed, the first few minutes of your sessions you use fat to provide energy. So you burn fat at the beginning of your workout, but fairly low amount. And indeed, the longer the duration of your workout increases the higher the share of lipids in energy supply increases. That, after 2:30 effort at low intensity, 80% of energy needs is covered by lipids. Lots of athletes use clenbuterol for weight loss and gaining fitness quickly.

It is therefore interesting for you to include in your training at least one-week endurance session during which you will increase gradually over time. For example, you can start by doing a 30 minute session of walking and 45 minutes and 1 hour. Or go start with 30 minutes of elliptical bike, and then 1 hour 45 minutes or more. Keep all at your own pace, step by step, increasing the as the duration of the endurance session.

So I want to reassure you that it is not because your session lasts only 30 minutes it is ineffective! Not only benefits your health can not be reduced to weight loss, but more even short sessions help burn fat. These sessions also allow you to boost your metabolism and thus burn more calories at rest and easier to keep a stable weight over the years.