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What's so healthy about a Mediterranean diet?

A diet with a name that conjures up memories of suppers in the sunshine, the Mediterranean diet plan celebrates the fresh, colourful produce of a region that boasts an enviable life expectancy. Hence why it has been heralded as one of the world’s best diets – but what makes Med cuisine so healthy? What is a Mediterranean diet? The diet plan consists mostly of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, pasta, rice

Your Sleep Habits Could Be Why You're Packing on Pounds

People who don’t get the recommended amount of sleep each night are more likely to be overweight and have larger waistlines, according to a new study published in PLOS ONE. But what the study didn’t find was the real surprise: The results showed no relationship between poor sleep and a less healthy diet. In other words, skimping on shuteye may fuel weight gain, even if it’s not fueling a penchant

Types of diets: The good and ugliness

Any woman, would say that a slender body more attractive, in them. Consequently, they are willing to do anything as long as can be beautiful and slimmer, including a diet. Some are concerned about their health than to be slim, but he makes himself as the favorite diet plan. What is important is the body’s weight and stay slim. Follow this good and bad diet :- 1. Apple diet and

Top 3 Myths about Calories Counting

Calorie is important in our body but it is not getting over. Over calorie will make your body weight increase which is not good for your health. Counting calories (or fat grams) is far easier than actually understanding the complex effects food has on our bodies (and our waistlines). Calories do count, but they are far from the whole picture. There’s some myths about calorie counts that we want to share

What is Eating with Mindfulness for Weight Loss?

The best way to lose weight is to use various strategies simultaneously involving the body, mind and the environment around you. For example, on a physical level, you can exercise and have a healthy diet. However, your own mind will be a great ally or a terrible enemy when you propose slimming. Your thoughts, your emotions and your own behavior play a key role because they can influence the type

7 Days Meal Plan That Cost Just 400 Calories at Max

7 meal a day is vital for quick weight loss results. But there are days when it becomes too difficult to manage this 7 meal plan. The seriously delicious meals especially for dinner time that can come together as quick as 20 to 30 minutes and cost few bucks and importantly 400 calories. You can quickly prepare it, simply eat and keep calories under check. Here are few tasty treats