What is Eating with Mindfulness for Weight Loss?

The best way to lose weight is to use various strategies simultaneously involving the body, mind and the environment around you. For example, on a physical level, you can exercise and have a healthy diet.

However, your own mind will be a great ally or a terrible enemy when you propose slimming. Your thoughts, your emotions and your own behavior play a key role because they can influence the type of foods you eat, the amount or the reasons why you eat. For example, if you feel bad when you resort to sweets, you cannot lose weight while you have not learned to manage your emotions differently.

To lose weight successfully, you must not only control the food or the amount of exercise you do every day, but also the way you interact with food and your own mental and emotional states a and this is where mindfulness can be a great help.

Studies show that eating with mindfulness can help you lose weight and treat certain problems of food such as binge eating. Mindfulness involves being fully aware of what you are doing at all times and what happens inside you as much around you.

If you observe people eat, you see that many of them eat too fast, just taste food but swallow quickly, mixing with each other and engulfing as filling stomach as quickly as possible. You can also see people who eat without even realizing it i.e. while watching TV or doing anything else, without being fully aware of how much they are eating.

John Barban Venus Factor helps you to guide you back for your own internal signals of hunger and satiety and you become more aware of what you eat and why. Eating with mindfulness is even more enjoyable as you have done so far, improve your relationship with food, which is not a special effort and can help you maintain your ideal weight throughout life. In addition, it gives you all the benefits of living with mindfulness, helping to reduce stress and increase your overall wellness.

Look at the food in front of you, its color, appearance, feel the heat coming from the dish, be aware of them and emotions that occur in you. When you are eating, leave everything else aside and focus only on what you are doing and you will see how effectively you will start losing weight with this practice in no time.





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