Types of diets: The good and ugliness

Any woman, would say that a slender body more attractive, in them. Consequently, they are willing to do anything as long as can be beautiful and slimmer, including a diet. Some are concerned about their health than to be slim, but he makes himself as the favorite diet plan. What is important is the body’s weight and stay slim. Follow this good and bad diet :-

1. Apple diet and detox.
Only eat sweet apples (apple usually red) for 7 consecutive days. Every time they eat two to three pills a day and be up to five to six seeds. Besides apples, only drink water and take supplements for detoxification. Aim is to make the body more fresh and smooth digestion. A week can drop up to 2 kilograms (kg).

Facts: Fruits contain only vitamins and carbohydrates. No protein and fat as needed by the body to function everyday.



Expert Comment: According to the World Health organization (WHO), healthy weight loss is 1 to 1.5 kg / week by food reduction of 500 calories / day. In every weight, preferably less total fat in the body. Fruit intake to lose weight not only cause the amount of fat in the body decreased, but muscle protein content and the amount of fluid in the body decreases. The loss of too much water can harm the kidneys. When the weight back up, the possibility of growing fat. In fact, our bodies can detoxify toxic substances and unwanted body naturally. Occurs in the liver detoxification process. So, taking supplements for detoxification is not a necessity.

2. Diet Avoid Rice
Not directly touch the rice, and only occasionally eat bread or noodles, the remaining vegetables and fruits. In fact, oily food continues to be circumvented. Drinks such as coffee and sugar are also not on the menu all day. Eating after 7 pm? Not once in a while!

Brown Rice benefit

Fact: Foods such as rice, bread and noodles all contain adequate carbohydrate. The brown rice instead of common rice is good because it contain adequate carbohydrate and also rich with protein and fiber.

Experts Comment : Brown rice, potatoes (with skin), bread from the grains and grain highly recommended as a substitute source of carbohydrate. Carbohydrates that contain adequate lot of fiber can be used to control low blood sugar, blood fat levels, and weight. Do not continue to ‘hostile’ with rice. The best way, just subtract the quantity. Ingestion patterns adviser participated follow Asian food pyramid began as the result of rice, flour and cereals followed by vegetables and fruits. Animals and plant proteins so as low-fat milk, lean meats and nuts and the end of the food at least once taken such as fat or oil and sugar.

3. Eat only three spoons.
Weight irritation to some people, so a diet like this are often practiced. Vegetables became close friends. Favorite dishes such as fish or skinless chicken breasts. Usually, eating slowly for easy fullness. Also lots of white water.


Fact: Eating slowly gives the opportunity to send signals to the brain is full. Way to help prevent you from overeating.

Expert Comment: healthy eating patterns, complete with water, carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber. However, it is still less than intake of plant protein and fruit to the lack of vitamin and mineral needs. Try to vary protein sources to increase intake of foods such as legumes. Nutrients should be balanced because the body need. What more protein-rich plants isoplavon as antioxidants, fitestrogen as a source of estrogens from plants used to increase estrogen levels in the body and fitesterol. Note also how to cook. Reduce food frying. Eat enough for three spoons of vegetables is enough. In addition, vegetables and fruits also contain carbohydrates, high fiber.

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