Types of diets: The good and ugliness

Any woman, would say that a slender body more attractive, in them. Consequently, they are willing to do anything as long as can be beautiful and slimmer, including a diet. Some are concerned about their health than to be slim, but he makes himself as the favorite diet plan. What is important is the body’s weight and stay slim. Follow this good and bad diet :- 1. Apple diet and

7 Days Meal Plan That Cost Just 400 Calories at Max

7 meal a day is vital for quick weight loss results. But there are days when it becomes too difficult to manage this 7 meal plan. The seriously delicious meals especially for dinner time that can come together as quick as 20 to 30 minutes and cost few bucks and importantly 400 calories. You can quickly prepare it, simply eat and keep calories under check. Here are few tasty treats

Infographic : Paleo Diet The Dos and don'ts

Do you want to diet? One of popular diet method now is Paleo Diet. Do you know about Paleo Diet? If not, refer my old article on What is Paleo Diet. In this infographic, look what you must do and don’ts in Paleo Diet

Celery good for your health

Celery is a plant variety in the family Apiaceae. It is commonly used as a vegetably. Celery seed is also used as a spice. Celery is a leaves that content of high vitamin A. It is a very nutritious vegetable .The stems also full of vitamin B and C. Natural organic salt in celery is safe for consumption and good for your health. The color of the leaves should be

Healthy Diet: Fruits & Vegetables

How much fruit and veg should I eating? Lots of Fruit and veg should make up about a third of the food you eat each day. And it’s also important to eat a variety. Five-a-day is a good, achievable target. If you count your portions each day it might help you to increase the amount you eat. But what is a portion? ONE portion = 80g = any of these 1

Fact about cauliflower

Do you know what is cauliflower? Cauloiflower  is a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables, often overshadowed by its green cousin broccoli. This is one vegetable that deserves a regular rotation in your diet, however, as it contains an impressive array of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other phytochemicals. Now, I think you know about this vegetable. I just found some interesting fact about cauliflower to our health