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Group of People Cycling at Gym

Why workout at gym but not losing weight

There are some people go to gym but not losing their weight. They blame on gym company and instructor but don’t they know that are others method you must do other than workout...

fast food collection on on white background

Tips for eating at fast food

We always been told that eat a fast food is not good for your health. Make a healthy meals at fast food restaurant is easy if you prepare first. You can use these...

weight Loss through sport

Basic Weight Training

A good weight training regimen hits all the major muscle groups to ensure that you equally develop strength, power and endurance. These elements give your muscles the ability to perform quickly and efficiently,...


Diet for your child

Growing children need balanced diet to get better health. Nowadays, many of children eat the meal from fast food restaurant. Most of those meals from the fast food restaurant not offer minerals, vitamins...