Exercise equipment for your home

I think many of us have made resolution to get in shape. It ain’t easy to get an ideal body without any helping. To do exercise alone need a big motivation and commitment. One way to make it easier to get fit body is getting an exercise equipment.
The Consumer Reports has tested of several exercise equipment and this is their opinion on the machine.
The best choice machine to help weight loss is treadmills.

Other’s machine that good if you’re just starting out or have back, hip or knee problems an elliptical is a great alternative. It creates less impact on joints and still give a great cardio workout. Consumer Reports say AFG 3.1AE for $1,100 is the best option.

Spin bikes is another good interval workout and Consumer Reports recommends the Diamondback 510ic for $800. It has a built in work-out program that keeps you moving.

Rowing machines also the best option as it provide a full body workout for both upper and lower body. It’s non-weight bearing and still can burn a lot of calories. Consumer Reports suggest the $900 Concept2 Model D that proved comfortable for both short and tall people.

Source :-Kept TV