Fertility treatment ‘asthma link’

There’s a study at UK found that children born after fertility treatment may have a slightly higher chance of developing asthma. The study involved more than 13,000 UK children 5 years old were about twice as likely to have asthma if they were not conceived naturally.
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The children also need medication which indicate of more severe asthma. This studies were published in the journal Human Reproduction. The researchers analysed data from children born between 2000 and 2002. Dr Claire Carson, resarcher from University of Oxford and Essex said 15% of all the children in the study had asthma at the age of five. It is risen to 24% among the 104 of them born through assisted reproduction technologies.
Dr Carson also said that the assisted reproduction technologies offer a chance to become a parent when there isn’t another option.

Source :- BBC

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