Fun weekend for your health

Weekend is the best day as you don’t have to work(for those who work in office hour). But do you use your weekend in healthy lifestyle ? Here are some simple steps to help you relax in weekend :-

Commit your schedule to relaxing
– Relaxing need to be scheduled or it most likely fails to happen. Block out a chunk of time and do not double book yourself.

Exercise your power to say ‘No’
– Sometimes there’s a call that need you to come working. Try to said “No’. Make yourself available before or after your scheduled relaxation time , but not during the block of time.

Reconnect with your family
– Relaxing on weekends means spending time with your family, especially kids. This is not the time for homework and getting the costume for the recital ready, but it is a time to nota have to do anything.

Reconnect with yourself
– Take some time away from everyone and plan a quiet morning on the golf course, a lonely hike up a trail or just a drive in the car by yourself.

Relax your body along with your mind
– The previous steps focused on relaxing your mind, but do not forget to relax your body on the weekend. There are several exercises you might follow. The best is having a vigorous exertion, followed by structured breathing exercises and a long hot shower or bath,. You can almost feel your muscle groups relaxing one at a time as you do this.

Do something you have never done before
– Try something new to refresh your mind. It will be fun if you can complete that.

Isn’t it best way for your life? When you have a fun weekend, you can refresh for your weekdays. Take a rest and do some activity that could help you to throw away stress from your workplace.


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