Healthy Eating Habits for 9 to 5 Working Professionals

Don’t let anyone underplay the importance of having a carrier in your life. Work is important, but only if it’s followed by other equally important things. Health should be high on your priority list. A huge factor in leading a healthy life is your diet. This is where the two worlds clash, as it is hard to work from 9 to 5 and have a healthy diet at the same time. In order to change this and achieve success in both fields, a change in your eating habits is necessary. This will not be an easy process, but a work – health balance is far from unobtainable. If you are ready to start, be sure to adopt the following eating habits that will take into account the fact you are a dedicated working professional.

Snack out, fruit in

Fast food is the logical choice for anyone who is stuck in the office most of the day. A hot-dog or a burger from a street vendor in from the firm or a bag of crisps in the afternoon seem reasonable. However, this junk food will only lead to obesity and the deterioration of the overall health condition. You shouldn’t refrain yourself from eating between meals, but supplant those salty heart attack inducers with fresh fruit. Not only is a banana healthier and cheaper than any junk food, but it confers the same feeling of being full. Fruit is rich in vitamins and water, so if you switch to a fruit diet your body will become clear of toxins in no time.

Don’t stuff yourself, eat properly

A racing car needs fuel to keep it running. It enters the pit stop and in under 30 seconds, it speeds off. Did you ever get the feeling that your lunch break resembles a pit stop of a Formula one racecar? If you did, then you are using the time for lunch wrong. People are not machines and cannot simply gulp down their meal in under a minute. There’s a reason why the employer delegated a half an hour break for lunch. First relax, forget all about work, sit down, and enjoy each and every bite of your meal. Smell the food, feel its texture, and savor its taste. This way, the break for food could really be regarded as a true break (from work).

Food delivery

We speak of enjoying your food, but is the food we consume at work truly enjoyable? It is a common fallacy that we do not have time to prepare it, so it has to be fast food. Even if we order in, the food they bring will be fast food, like pizza. This is simply not true, as there are healthy food delivery services nowadays. If we adopt healthy meal plans, then such franchises are go-to guys for protein-rich food. They prepare the meals, freeze them, and finally deliver them, so they are ready to eat after just a couple of minutes of heating. Not such a bad idea for a meal inside the office, is it?


Coffee in the morning, maybe some juice during the day and tea in the afternoon. Yes, these are all fluids you drink at work, but what you need is water. You read it correctly, it is essential to be hydrated enough for your body and mind to function properly. Two liters a day are a must, most of which can be drunk at work. Most offices have a water cooler, so if you’re finding it hard to force yourself to drink more cups of water daily, use it as an opportunity to socialize with your colleagues. While chatting, you’ll get to those desired eight glasses a day more quickly. If there isn’t such a place in your office, then getting a small fridge would not be a bad idea. Other than storing food there, you can put water bottles in it so you can take a sip of cool water whenever you desire.

Don’t multitask

Multitasking is already a dubious enough process, that you wouldn’t want to include breakfast or lunch in it. Like we already said, lunchtime should be reserved for lunch only. Working while you eat can be counterproductive. Neither will you get any work effectively done, nor will you meet all your dietary needs if you just stuff yourself. A neat strategy to resist the temptation to leaf through the project proposal during the lunch break is to leave the office area. You don’t have to leave the building itself, merely walk into the balcony. There you will be far away from all the work and have enough concentration to eat your meal in peace.

Regardless of how much we work and if we work overtime, health should be as important as our job. By adopting these 5 healthy eating habits we will prove to ourselves and our surrounding that we have the willpower of a successful business professional. At the end of the day, it is all up to us.

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