Heart Attack vs Cardiac Arrest vs Stroke

Heart attack, cardiac arrest and stroke is the dangerous disease that the sufferer could die without any signal. It also become the biggest suddenly dying cause in the world. All of this three health issue is begin in our heart. Look at the picture below :


Heart Attack

– It occurs when blood supply to the heart is severely reduced or cut off. Lack of oxygen can damage the heart and it will begin to die.


Cardiac Arrest

– It occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating, preventing blood and oxygen from getting to vital organs.


– It occurs when the blood flow to the brain is interrupted or severely limited cutting off oxygen and nutrients from brain tissue. Brain cells start dying minutes after a stroke.

I think the picture give some informatin about the difference between this 3 disease.
Which one is the dangerous ? I don’t know whether it is good to compare as it is still big health disease. All of three is dangerous and we must know about it. It doesn’t matter which one if the dangerous as it could bring death in a second.