Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease!


Gum or periodontal disease usually occurs when there is consistent buildup of plaque on the teeth and gums. This only happens when people don’t brush and flush their teeth regularly or properly. It is basically described as an infection that arises in the tissues, which provide support to the teeth. Teeth will eventually become lose and fall out if gum disease is left untreated. If people want to protect and save their teeth, it is essential for them to seek treatment. There are two stages of periodontal disease; gingivitis and periodontitis. The problem is that this disease is often undiscovered or ignored when it’s in the initial stage as people aren’t aware of its warning signs.

Below are some of the common symptoms that are experienced by all individuals who are suffering from the problem of periodontal disease:

This is often said to be one of the very first symptoms associated with gum infections. While flossing or brushing the teeth, people will be able to notice some bleeding. Even when floss or toothbrush is not aggravating the condition, strong bleeding often occurs as a sign of severe gum disease.

A pinkish color is an indicator of healthy and normal gums, which are free of infection. The existence of a disease is indicated by white, red or purple gums.

Gums tend to feel very swollen during the early stages of periodontal disease. It has been verified with research that these swollen gums usually indicate that people are suffering from gingivitis, which is said to be a mild condition of periodontal disease. Proper hygienic dental care is usually sufficient enough to reverse the problem of gingivitis and thus relieve swollen gums.

The presence of unhealthy gum tissue is indicated when people start feeling tenderness or pain in their gums. It should not be painful for people to touch gums that are healthy.

Loose Teeth
One of the most serious stages of gum disease is indicated by loose teeth. Permanent adult teeth are not loose and feel very stable in the gums. In case of unsteady and loose teeth, it simply indicates that erosion is occurring in the gum tissue that surrounds the tooth.

Persistent Odor
While experiencing bad breath occasionally is quite a common occurrence, one symptom of periodontal disease is a continuous odor emitted by the mouth. Regular bad breath can be distinguished from periodontal disease because the smell is not discouraged regardless if people use mouthwash or brush their teeth regularly.

Trouble With Dentures
Another indication of periodontal disease is that the dentures stop fitting in the proper manner. The underlying bone and gum tissue both are affected because of this disease and this weakens the gums. This leads to improper fitting of dentures.

Gum Appearance
The appearance of gum starts to change if there is an infection because the gums start to pull away from their teeth. It is common for pockets of pus to form.
If any of these symptoms occur, it is an indication of gum disease and people should immediately visit a dentist.

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