Heart Healthy Omega-3s Now In Milk

A new study from Journal of Dairy Science found that it is now possible to incorporate fish oil into milk and other dairy based beverages in concentrations high enough to promote heart health and not effecting the product’s taste or lifespan.

It is good news because not people enjoy like fish. Researchers at Virginia Tech found that their invention using milk made by butter oil to parts fish oil passed the sniff test. Susan E. Duncan from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences said

“We couldn’t find any aroma differences. We were concerned the fish oil would undergo a chemical process called oxidation, which would shorten the milk’s shelf life, or the milk would acquire a cardboard or paint flavor by reacting with the fish oil. It appears we have a product that is stable, with no chemical taste or smell issues.”

“I think the dairy industry can look at our study and determine whether it is plausible to modify its products. I would like to help people who love milk, yogurt, and dairy, which have intrinsic nutritional value, address an additional need in their diets, especially if they don’t like to eat fish or can’t afford it. One of these dairy servings a day apparently is enough to sustain enough continuous omega-3 to benefit heart health.”

Source :- MedicalNewsToday

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