How Dermal Fillers Benefit Your Overall Health

Let’s be honest. Most of us care about how we look whether we are younger or older, and it’s not only because of showing wrinkles. Sometimes, our facial features can be naturally asymmetrical, our lips naturally thin or our faces naturally gaunt. That is why facial fillers for the dermis have truly changed the game of aesthetics. Within seconds, these incredible injectables can deliver smoother, firmer skin, higher cheekbones, facial balance, and more. Talk about an instant makeover with zero surgery or downtime! It’s a wonderful self-esteem booster.


Not only do cosmetic injectables rejuvenate the skin by adding plumpness to your facial contours and volume to areas of the face you desire, but these special gel-like serums also naturally encourage new collagen production, and that is a very good thing.

As we experience general aging and/or sun damage, collagen production goes on the decline. Collagen is a key protein that provides structure or a foundation for the skin, and when that is lost, you will notice wrinkles and lines forming and sagging skin.

The good news is that having dermal fillers stimulates the body in making more fresh collagen so that you retain that healthy skin and radiance from your younger days.

Subtle Results

The beauty of facial injectables also comes with a natural-looking youthfulness. When properly injected by your expert aesthetic technician, you will receive subtle results. It will not look done or overdone. People will know that you look refreshed and amazing, but they cannot figure out how you achieved that attractive appearance.

Many of these injectables for the face contain hyaluronic acid or HA, and this exceptional ingredient creates the natural-looking fullness and volume that many of us desire.

HA is also found in our tissues and acts as a moisture magnet for the skin, but as we age, it also falls in production. By getting HA injections, you can attain a soft, natural appearance and look like yourself only better.

Plumping Volume

According to Harmony Skin and Wellness, a clinic that specializes in dermal fillers in Fort Collins, dermal fillers are used to restore volume to areas of depletion in the face. The trend for voluptuous lips remains a popular aesthetic option, and these safe and quick injectables can create the lips you dream of, especially if yours are thin due to aging or just naturally not full and make you feel self-conscious.

HA looks and feels natural when it is injected into the skin and can redefine your lip line, smooth away lip wrinkles, and add a sexy pout to balance your overall facial features.

Hyaluronic acid injections can also add volume to areas of your face that have become hollowed over time and add lift and fullness to your cheekbones and temples.

If you feel little confidence because of facial scars, these injectables can improve them by adding fullness and softness to scars and diminishing their appearance.

Wrinkle Softening

Lines, wrinkles, and folds are never something we wish for, but exposure to the sun over the years will bring these unwanted signs of age to our foreheads, eye area, neck, etc. An experienced, aesthetic specialist can fill in these annoying wrinkles and plump them up so that they are unnoticeable.

The great news is the immediate results you see right there in the office. A session only takes a few minutes, and you can walk out the door looking refreshed, youthful, and full of good self-esteem.

Facial injectables also last a long time and are temporary cosmetic solutions. You don’t have to worry about a permanent commitment or unpredictable results. These gel-like serums can last from six months up to two years depending on the type chosen. Then, these ingredients are naturally metabolized by the body. If you choose not to have any more injections, your face will return to its normal appearance without any issues.

Your first step is to sit down with an aesthetic expert and discuss your personal cosmetic goals. This professional can help you make the ideal selection that is right for you.

There’s nothing wrong with maintaining your natural-looking youthfulness, and having facial injectables remains a popular trend. The treatment takes barely 10 minutes, and the transformation can be stunning. When you look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside, you are getting a healthy dose of self-confidence.

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