How to get rid of cellulite

About 90 percent of women — and virtually no men — have cellulite, fat cells found underneath the top layer of the skin that have squeezed between bands of connective tissue, or collagen, attaching your muscle to your skin. While the structure of women’s connective tissue is vertical (like mattress springs), men’s collagen is angled, which means that fat cells don’t push through and pucker as much.

This puckering can mess with your confidence: In a FITNESS survey, readers ranked cellulite as their number-one beauty bummer (above acne, frizzy hair, and wrinkles). Fifty-seven percent of women have worn clothing over their bathing suits to camouflage it, according to a study commissioned by Nivea. While there is no cure (sadly!), derms believe it’s possible to temporarily camouflage bumps

How to get rid of cellulite

1) You can’t get rid of cellulite with creams or lotions. It only hype. The cellulite reduction creams on the market won’t do anything to treat your cellulite.
It caused by a superficial result of a problem below the surface of your skin. So, creams won’t do nothing .

2) Cellulite is a muscle issue and you can always fix it by strengthening your muscles. You just need to do some simple movements that target specific muscles in the cellulite affected area to get rid of your cellulite.

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3) The only way to get rid of cellulite forever is with specifically targeted lower-body movements. The movements are unique and directly target the muscles in the cellulite areas. They focus on lifting, toning and shaping the muscle layers, pushing them towards the skin and getting rid of the dimpled appearance.

Reference :- WOmensLife Today

Follow this exercise to remove cellulite in your body

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