Injection to cure Alzheimer’s a step closer


An injection that could halt Alzheimer’s has moved a step closer. A group of scientists discovered antibodies that destroy rogue proteins behind the devastating disease.
The antibodies prevent the build up of ‘tau’ proteins which otherwise become tangled and interfere with the brain’s function that causing symptoms such as dementia and losing memory.


Researchers at Washington University in St Louis said their experiments on mice could provide a basis for a promising therapy for many patients with neurodegenerative conditions.

In the journal Neuron, Dr David Holtzman wrote

“We have identified anti-tau antibodies that can decrease tau accumulation and improve cognitive function in a mouse model of a neurodegenerative disease. This could be an exciting treatment for a large number of patients.”

Director of research and development at the Alzheimer’s Society, Dr Doug Brown said

 “We have known for some time that ‘tangles’ of the tau protein are a hallmark of Alzheimer’s. Research like this is always valuable because it helps add to our understanding of how we might be able to prevent the build up of tau. However, this is early stage research that needs further investigation.”

Source :- Express.Co.Uk