Not Letting Yourself Heal Correctly Will Hurt You Later

Many of us have back problems throughout our lives. Whether it is from injury, playing hard, or genetics, the pains can be quite debilitating. After prolonged exposure, you decide to have yourself put back together. Some procedures can be quite detailed as doctors operate on the various parts of your spine and/or discs holding it in place. Although you may feel much better afterwards, there are just some things you can’t do until you are fully recovered.

Pain Medication

Taking medication to control the pain shouldn’t be a staple of your diet. You are usually supposed to take those pain killers “as needed for pain,” not with every meal. If you are pushing yourself too hard and experiencing continuous pain, then you need to ease your load. If the pain persists after taking it easy, you may have inadvertently made matters worse and should see your physician. If you have to pop medication prior to playing golf, then maybe you should stick to the couch and playing the game on your laptop.

Too Much, Too Soon

When a doctor tells you that you should be off of your feet for an extended period of time, he’s not secretly working for furniture manufacturers to provide you with that comfortable sit. It means he or she is trying to help you recover properly without rupturing anything due to strenuous activity. Although you may think that “practicing medicine” means that the doctor doesn’t know you as well as you do, it does entail nearly a decade of medical school and possibly years worth of experience. You should trust that the doctor knows what he or she is saying. Worst case scenario, get a second or third opinion.

Feeling Useless

After major surgeries, it’s easy to be overcome by the feeling of uselessness. For those who are active in their lifestyle, this can be very detrimental to one’s sanity. However, it could have been this active lifestyle that caused your problems in the first place. It doesn’t make you any less of a person to have to rely on others while you heal. If you let yourself heal properly, you could return to that activity sooner without future complications. Enjoy being useless for a while and let your body repair itself properly.

Longer than Expected
When a doctor suggests an amount of time for healing, this is a rough estimate. As everyone’s body is different, it may be sooner or later than the prescribed duration. Don’t get angry by this estimation. Your own eating habits, movements, sleeping patterns and activity could alter this time-span greater than you may realize. Eating healthier is a good start to helping your body recuperate. Your bedding could also become a hindrance if it isn’t supporting the areas of your back it should. You may find yourself setting up a supportive makeshift bed on your couch in order to reduce pain and help in recovery.

You don’t have to view yourself as weak if you have back problems. It can be one of the most grueling pains you could face if not addressed. While you can still function with various broken bones throughout your body, your back can reduce your stance to a crumpled pile on the floor if turned in the wrong direction. Allow yourself to heal and improve your odds of a full recovery by adhering to what professionals suggest.

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