Overweight hospital staff given initiative to lose weight

MUAR: Most Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital workers here are leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

Hospital director Dr Selahuddeen Abdul Aziz said about 59% of them suffered from obesity, 14% high blood sugar content, 13% hypertension and 3.8% being smokers.

Besides being directed to undergo physical exercises, staff mem- bers had also been asked to go for regular check-ups and health screenings.

Launching the hospital’s 10,000 steps health programme, Dr Selahuddeen said the hospital wanted to ensure its staff observed healthy living, including controlling their diet and exercising regularly.

“Those overweight will be asked to walk 10,000 steps daily around the hospital compound every Tuesday and Thursday.

“If they can reduce their body weight by 10% within three months, they will receive certificates and prizes. We all are responsible for our health.

“The hospital will provide its staff with guidance on healthy diet as we want them to be healthy, energetic and productive,” he added.

Source :- The Star

Totally agree with the initative. Not just at the Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital, I think there’s many hospital have the unhealthy staff. They also need to educate as they work on hospital.

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