Pandemic Safety Measures for Your Dental Implants Treatment

There are several reasons why dental damage can occur. Often it is the result of an unexpected impact or an injury that involves the loss of one or more teeth. Sometimes, that may be due to causes such as tooth loss, gum cancer, or other medical problems that may have negative impacts on the consistency and health of the teeth and jaw.

Whatever the causes may be, lack of teeth has a drastic effect on many facets of life, like eating & communicating, lacking in self-confidence, and more. In addition, the long-term consequences of dental damage will lead to more severe oral health complications.

Although you would rightly believe that coping with a missing tooth or multiple lost teeth should be performed as quickly as possible, there might be some concern that certain kinds of treatments have been carried out during the present state of the COVID-19 public health problem.

Here’s what we’re going to tell you about what to expect for the dental implant treatment during the COVID-19 epidemic, as well as the intent of some main pieces of protection equipment that we’ve placed in place to ensure a healthy environment for both patients and workers. First of all, let’s explain quickly why it’s so important to cope with missing teeth as quickly as effectively as possible.

When you arrive for your appointment

If you feel relaxed and have been approached to hold your stay, please wear a mask in your office. Upon delivery, we’ll ask you to wash your hands for 20 seconds with the soap we’ve supplied and execute a 1-minute swish with an oral virus destroying rinse. Both handshakes embrace, and another physical welcome must be avoided. They may ask your family members and companions to wait outside the office in the lobby while your care so as not to reveal them to other people needlessly.

Keeping up on your oral hygiene

Maintaining adequate oral hygiene is much more critical in periods of stress or medical difficulties. Gum disease, our greatest scourge, is chronic gum inflammation and underlying tissue. While there is no clear proof of bacterial infections with COVID-19, we recognize that the largest number of complications associated with pandemic has occurred in individuals with chronic diseases.

Logic indicates that improved oral health facilitates better overall health, including the ability to combat infection.

During the dental implant procedure

When you have arrived for your implant appointment, you will undergo a test of the effects of COVID-19 before heading to your consultation room to consult with your periodontist. The room itself will be enclosed and segregated from other clinical spaces to avoid air circulation between locations, and HEPA in-room filtering will continue to work. You will find that your dentist will be completely fitted with all the PPE required, including the respirator, which provides a higher degree of safety than N95 masks.

Apart from extra protection equipment, security procedures, and PPE gear, much of the dental implant treatment will be done as it would have been before the COVID-19 disease outbreak. The region of the missing teeth will be prepared to accept the new implants, the new implants will be fitted and the restoration will continue.

In order to provide a more comprehensive breakdown of and form of operation, we urge you to refer to our other posts on what is involved in dental implants or All-on-4 oral reconstruction procedure.

After the dental implant procedure

When your implants have been placed and your rehabilitation is on-going, your surgeon will stay in touch to ensure that treatment occurs as normal. Phone appointments and in-clinical inspections are arranged according to your individual needs and will guarantee that all rehabilitation continues as expected. In the case that any follow-up steps are required, you will be told, if they occur, of the specifics of these follow-ups.

When you’ve fully recovered, you’ll be able to experience the functionality of your jaw again, as well as the stunning new smile that you’ll see every moment you look into a mirror.


We have always been committed to ensuring the best experience for your dental treatment, and this commitment has naturally made it easier for us to respond to the changing demands of COVID-19. Your well-being and health is our number one concern, and you can see this kind of thought mirrored in everything we do to give you the latest in restorative dental work.

If you have lost your teeth or lost your teeth for some reason, please contact the Dental Implants Ottawa team today. We’ll be happy to chat with you and schedule an appointment so that you can get started on the journey to a lovely smile and a completely recovered oral operation.

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