Rabies vaccine is enough

The Health Ministry has enough stock of rabies vaccine for humans, its minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said.
Subra said that the vaccine for humans are different and the ministry have adequate stock for humans.

“The is a concern that there is not enough vaccine for dogs, but the Veterinary Services Department is working to increase it” he told reporters.

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He said there have been over 70 cases of dog bites reported in Perlis, Kedah anda Penang. 12 of the dogs were found to have carried the dangerous virus.
Untill, 24 Sept, no confirmed cases of humans being infected by rabies in the country, but there are 12 cases of people being bitten by rabies-infected dogs.
The 12 people have shown no clinical symptoms of rabies”, Subramaniam said.

Nine of the cases were in Perlis, two in Penang and one in Kedah.

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