Regular Massage Therapy Can Make You More Relaxed And Productive

Every day we expose our bodies to a range of stressors including work, exercise and social interaction. This regular wear-and-tear phenomenon slowly becomes apparent in both our physical and mental functioning on a day-to-day basis. It is possible to become moody, depressed or easily agitated and derive less enjoyment from activities that were once our hobbies. Aside from these psychological and social changes regular stress can also lead to detrimental health effects.

Massage therapy is a good way to counteract stress. Undergoing regular therapy leads to improvements in both mind and body. But is massage therapy really effective? Is there enough scientific study to support it? It is important to understand how massage therapy works and what different massage therapy treatment options exist. Massage therapy works by inducing two responses from the body – mechanical and relaxation. The former involves physiological effects that are the body’s response when pressure is applied to the soft tissues. Meanwhile, relaxation response is the involuntary albeit anticipated reaction of the nervous system to specialized massage techniques and touch.  Through touch and massage the body is relaxed into a Zen-like state, inviting a state of overall relaxation to occur. The relaxation response from massage therapy reduces the effects of stress as well as the risk related to cardiovascular disorders, anxiety and fatigue. Massage therapy has also been shown to reduce the risk of suicidal tendencies, sexual dysfunction and digestive complications.

The physiological or mechanical manipulation of massage therapy has two main impacts – increase in blood and lymph circulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues by freeing up nerves and underlying connective tissues. This is accomplished partly through soft tissue manipulation and partly through the release of specific body chemicals. Improved blood flow can improve delivery of air and nutrients to major muscle groups, which restore strength and function. As muscular cell health improves, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues work more efficiently thus allowing energy levels to be spent more productively. As body functions continue to improve, waste products and free radicals in the body are removed more efficiently. Inflammation in soft tissues is also reduced, providing pain relief. As muscle tissue relaxes, occurrence of agonizing contractions and spasms are lessened.

Through regular massage therapy your mind becomes more relaxed. You are able to focus much better than when your mind was stressing over things like work deadlines and financial problems. This allows you to work more productively and without that psychological baggage weighing you down. Aside from focus, undergoing massage therapy also puts you in a better mood. Your relationship towards family and friends are improved as you are able to interact with them and minimize social conflicts. Finding a good massage therapist in Brampton, Ontario should be your first priority. Make sure you work with a licensed and dependable therapist. Visit to discover the massage therapy treatment options available to you.  If done properly, massage therapy can improve your overall quality of life.