Side Effects of Drinking Diet Soda

It’s bad news for diet soda fans. Most people think diet soda is good for health because no calories or sugar. But it is not really an answer for health. It has side effects that may harm your health. Let’s read some of the side effect of diet soda

1. The drink product could effect your kidneys. Studies from Harvard Medical School show that diet cola is associated with a two-fold increased risk for kidney decline. The kidney will decline when women (they research 3,000 women respondend) drank more than 2 sodas per day. The research also found the kidney decline might be from diet sweeteners.

2. From University of Minnesota research, the people drink diet soda a day linked to a 34% higher risk of metabolic syndrome.It could make belly fat and high cholesterol to your body. While most of us think the diet soda could make weight loss but this finding show that it could increase risk for heart disease. It is really danger.
3. This diet soda can’t help to lose weight. The research from University of Texas Health Science Center result that people drink diet soda could increase the risk of obesity. Why this happen? The artificial sweeteners from the product could disrupt the body’s natural ability to regulate calorie intake. It means people who consume the diet soda might be overeat.
4. Diet soda could damage your cell because it contain sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate that don’t mold inhibitors. This chemicals have the ability to cause severe damage to DNA. The research from University of Sheffield in the UK also find that the preservative has been linked to hives, asthma and other allergic condition. Some companies such as Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi have replaced the preservative.
5. The acid in diet soda is very acidic. Most of the drink get pH of 3.2 which is not good for teeth. It may damage your teeth.
6. Drink more diet soda also can effect your reproductive. This is bad news for parent that need a son.

Source :- Health Yahoo

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