Anxiety management

Anxiety can affect us in so many different ways. It is varied in it’s nature and symptoms. There are many reasons why we feel anxious and one of them is down to the fact that we live demanding and fast-paced lives. This infographic looks at how anxiety affects both the mind and the body.   This Infographic By The Worsley Centre at

anxienty management

Do you have problem in anxiety? Read this useful information : 1st rule : Take anti anxiety / anti depressant pills as a last resort, because these pills have serious side effects in long term. !! FOODS THAT REDUCE ANXIETY: Water. Staying hydrated is an important way to reduce anxiety symptoms. Vegetables. Filled with fiber and vitamins, these can help regulate your body. Fruits. Get your carbs and sugar from

Know Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful situation. In some cases, it can be excessive and causes sufferers to dread everyday situation. To see how anxiety develops into panic, phobia, uncontrollable worries and excessive tension, it is necessary to understand normal anxiety. Now, imagine yourself standing in front of a large, fierce black dog, it looks at you,snarl, barks and start to run towards you. Here, your body start working