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Symptoms and Causes Cancer – Prevent It In The Early Stage

Many times people ask different types of question related to cancer. However, there are few people those who understand the cause and risk factors of cancer. This disease is really harmful and affects any parts of the body. Cancer includes more than hundred various kinds of cancerous diseases. Every kind of cancer is exclusive and it has its own symptoms and causes, it also brings different ways of treatment. Do

Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

Most people are not aware that cancer is avoidable. If someone knows about the cause of cancer and its risk factors, then cancer can be prevented. Well, before avoiding cancer, you have to know the causes and risk factors of this disease. 1. Tobacco: –  Smoking or chewing tobacco brings lung cancer and it harshly affects the lungs. This can lead to stomach caner, cervical caner, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer