Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

Most people are not aware that cancer is avoidable. If someone knows about the cause of cancer and its risk factors, then cancer can be prevented. Well, before avoiding cancer, you have to know the causes and risk factors of this disease.

1. Tobacco: –  Smoking or chewing tobacco brings lung cancer and it harshly affects the lungs. This can lead to stomach caner, cervical caner, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer and acute myeloid leukemia. Quitting smoking is the only solution and it will lower cancer risk.



2. Physical Activity : – Regular exercise daily can reduce cancer risk. Yoga, Tai chi, running, aerobics and running are some of the best way to protect your body from cancer. Doing physical activity will keep your body fit and fine. If your do regular exercises, then you will never become obese. Obesity is the most important cause of cancer. Physical activity will never bring lung cancer, endometrial, breast, colon and prostate cancer.

3. Genetics : – The development of cancer may come from genetics. If someone in your family had cancer before, then it becomes important for you take extra precautions. You can check it by doing genetic tests.

Cancer: Step Outside the Box

4. Environmental Factors: – Environment can also cause cancer. These days, the increase in pollution can bring cancer risk. If someone is exposed to asbestos or other type of industrial materials, then there is high risk of cancer. Expose to benzene can bring cancer, as it is found in pollution, smoking and gasoline.

5. Unsafe Sex: – Unsafe sex can bring virus HPV. In medical term HPV is known as human papillioma virus. HVB brings vaginal cancer, anal and cervical caner. There is a HPV test to know, whether someone is infected or not.

6. Sun Exposure: – More expose to Ultraviolet rays can bring skin cancer. The ray of sun contains UV rays and it’s harmful. You can protect it by using suns cream lotion and doing different types of skin care treatment.

That’s some of main cancer causes and risk factors. Always learn and seek from professional

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