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Pancreatic cancer

London, Dec 3 (IANS)- Perhaps driven by fear, people often prefer to dismissing potential warning signs of cancer, thereby putting their lives at risk, says a study. In the study involving 1,700 people, more than half (53 percent) said they had experienced at least one red-flag cancer ‘alarm’ symptom during the previous three months, but only two percent of them thought that cancer was a possible cause, the findings showed.

Symptoms and Causes Cancer – Prevent It In The Early Stage

Many times people ask different types of question related to cancer. However, there are few people those who understand the cause and risk factors of cancer. This disease is really harmful and affects any parts of the body. Cancer includes more than hundred various kinds of cancerous diseases. Every kind of cancer is exclusive and it has its own symptoms and causes, it also brings different ways of treatment. Do

Cancer Symptoms That Women Need To Check

It is really important for women to know about all symptoms and signs related to cancer. Gynecologic cancer is really dreadful and it becomes necessary for every woman to know about its symptoms. If the symptoms are overlooked, then things go wrong and can be deadly. Therefore, it becomes important for you to do medical tests, if there are some abnormal issues. This will always keep you in the safe

Cancer Symptoms: Prevention is Better Than Cure.

  There are many different types of cancer lay with almost the same symptoms. Certain cancer do not show any symptoms until the advanced stages. This is why people are encouraged to seek doctor for screening and risk assessment for early detection and cancer prevention. On several occasions, cancer symptoms are attributed to other diseases, for example, stomach pain is associated with gas or digestive problem. 1) Unexplained weight loss.