Cancer Symptoms: Prevention is Better Than Cure.


There are many different types of cancer lay with almost the same symptoms. Certain cancer do not show any symptoms until the advanced stages. This is why people are encouraged to seek doctor for screening and risk assessment for early detection and cancer prevention. On several occasions, cancer symptoms are attributed to other diseases, for example, stomach pain is associated with gas or digestive problem.

1) Unexplained weight loss.
It is really suprising if you unintentionally losing weight without trying. No any apparent causes for weight loss even you eating normally for few months and you should worry about that. This is because your body cannot absorb all the protein, fats and carbohydrate from what you eat. Or maybe your body burning up calories faster than normal.

The weight loss depends on what type of cancer you have. About 60% of people suffer lung cancer, 80% with stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer or oesaphageal cancer losses significant weight by the time they are diagnosed. While people with breast cancer and prostate cancer don’t tend to lossing weight at diagnosis. if you continue lose weight day by day, it may become a serious problem.

2) Fever.
Fever can be a symptom from mild to severe conditions. Sometimes, the fever comes and goes frequently thus, signal stress on immune system. This symptom usually associated with blood cancer such as lymphoma and leukemia, but also common to people with cancer spread.

3) Pain.
It is generally occur when the cancer has spread and affects other organ and nerves. Headache can be associated with brain tumor (malignant and benign). Lower pack pain can be refer to ovarian and colon cancer while shoulder pain may be symptoms for lung cancer.

4) Unusual bleeding or discharge.
It can be early or advanced cancer. Blood in phlegm can be sign for lung cancer. Blood in stool could be sign for colon or rectal cancer. Servix or endometrial cancer can cause abnormal vaginal bleeding. Blood in urine may be sign for bladder or kidney cancer. Bloody discharge from nipples can be breast cancer.

5) Persistent fatigue.
Fatigue can be a symptom for both malignant and non-malignant conditions. It is usually common occur at early stage or advanced cancer. Fatigue can be refer to tiredness, lack of energy, weakness, exhaustion and malaise.

6) Unexplained night sweat.
Heavy, unexplained sweat during night could be a symptom for cancer such as lymphoma. But, it may be due to something else, for examples, menopausal women, diabetes and infections. Sweat also can be drug side effect.
7) Non-healing sore or ulcer.
Our skin normally good in repairing itself and injuries will be healed within a week or so. Infection that causing sore usually isn’t healing. But a sore area or ulcer in mouth, on genital, or on skin which are exposed to sun can also be a sign of cancer. If you have sore or ulcer that has not heal after few weeks, wherever in your body, please check with your physician.

Keep in mind all of these symptoms does not really relate to cancer enough, even you suffer one or two, but you have to seek for doctor to get medical tests and detect for other disease. Do not take for granted if some of these symptoms you suffer for a long period, it may be a caused for other illnesses.

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