Protect Kid’s Eye Health

Protect kid’s eye is important to ensure they get better health.  Most of parent doesn’t really know about how to protect kids from anything that could damage their eyes. It is not just about eat carrots or vegetable but more than it.

How to Protect Your Kid’s Eye Health

This is some advice from eye expert :-

1. Kids need to get eye screened

Most kids don’t get any additional eye exams. Schools and pediatricians always doing screen for eye problems but visit to an eye specialist could avoid common eye problem. At least do these screenings once a year.

If children complain about their sight, take them immediately to eye specialist. If you notice that your kid’s eyes not align properly. Don’t hesitate to visit your expert.

Kid's Eye examination

2. Children don’t always need to wear their glasses

Do you think it is harmful if the children don’t always wear their glasses? It depend on the reason the glasses being used. In general, an expertise that prescribed glasses for a child has a good reason to give the children to wear it.

The glasses could help the children’s brain develop properly. But it is not suitable for all kids.

3. It is too young for pre-teens wear contacts?

It is depend on child’s maturity level. If possible, avoid children to children that are young than 10 years old. The children need to be mature enough to put contacts in, take them out and keep them clean. If the children still using it, parent need to check whether the children follow the procedure. Make sure they not used the contacts while sleeping because it could increases the chance of infection.

4. Decorative contacts danger?
decorative contact lense
Nowadays, there are many decorative and cosmetic lenses in the market. Some of the kids like to use the contact lenses that could change their eye color. It could make severe eye injuries from cosmetic contacts.

5. Computer time hurt a child’s eyes?

Too much expose to computer monitor not damage a child’s eyes but it could effect on overall development of the child. Spending a lot time in front of a screen might cause eye strain.

6. What to do to protect kid’s eyes?

Keep your child away from fireworks, sharp objects and lawn mowers. Kids should wear eye protection during certain sports especially sports that involve smaller balls such as squash and racquetball.

Source :- MSN Healthyliving

That’s a good tips on how parent could protect kid’s eye from  problems. Eye is important part in our life and as a parent it is a priorities to ensure their kids have a healthy eyes.

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