Causes And Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are diseases that are universally referred to as piles. This is a very severe disease that affects both the external and internal veins of the anus. This happens by making the regions of the anus to become varicose. One of the early symptoms of this painful disease is the protruding of the veins via the anal region. In the situations where the bleeding takes place, then they are referred to as the bleeding piles. However, it is important to emphasize the fact that both the non-bleeding and bleeding files are very painful.

Hemorrhoid treatment

Though there are various types of hemorrhoids, the two main types are majorly known as external and internal hemorrhoids. Research had shown that this kind of sickness has a pain that pricks like a needle. As a matter of fact, it is important to mention in this article that hemorrhoids are caused by digestive disorder among other factors. The piles are caused as a result of waste materials accumulation within the rectal region. Other factors that increase the piles chances include pregnancy, chronic constipation as well as sitting on inflexible surfaces.

Just as there are different types of hemorrhoids, their signs and symptoms also differ in one way or another. Below are three main categories of it.

1) Vata kind of Hemorrhoid. These kinds of pile have got darker colours in addition to being hard. In fact this dark color can sometimes be mistaken as black. There exists acute pain without forgetting the presence of the constipation.
2) Pitta kind of Hemorrhoids cannot go unmentioned as one of the categories of this. This one has got reddish as well as soft piles. Here bleeding is experienced, excessive thirst, diarrhea and fever.
3) Last but not least, another category is kapha type. Digestive problems are major signs and symptoms.

People with hemorrhoids have to take note of their food intake. Carrots are a good source of reducing bleeding.

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It can be taken in both raw or cooked. It is best to avoid any oily and spicy food to prevent irritation to it. Consume as much vegetables will be the best and limit on the intake of red meat.

When pain kicks in, take a piece of cloth and soak it in warm water, thereafter apply on it. Or alternatively, soak yourself in a tub of warm water to relieve the pain. Do not use your hands and touch the haemorrhoids, just a precaution to prevent infections.

I hope the above helps to have some insights for you to know about the causes, symptoms and treatment of hemorrhoids.

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