What is Hemorrhoids



Hemorrhoids are cushions of vascular disease that acts as a barrier every time your bowels.It will cover the anus thoroughly with mild to prevent leakage of stool or liquid.The problem arises when there is swelling of the vascular cushions under pressure or stress is given on the activities of rectal straining. This will make patient uncomfortable. There are 3 type of hemorrhoids :-

Type of Hemorrhoids

1. Internal hemorrhoids – It will involve the veins inside rectum.This type of hemorrhoids may bleed but usually don’t hurt

2. Prolapsed hemorrhoids– It may stretch down until they bulge outside your anus. This hemorrhoid type may go back inside rectum on its own or can gently push it back inside.

3. External hemorrhoids – It involve the veins outside the anus. They can be painful or itchy. This type hemorrhoid sometimes can bleed and crack.

The factors that cause hemorrhoids or swollen hemorrhoids are not clear. It varies according to the patient. However, do not deny that it is caused by excessive straining during defecation, eating, lack of exercise, age factors that weaken the tissue and during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. The main symptom is bleeding hemorrhoid sufferers at the end of the bowel can be seen in the stool, sometimes dripping and during washing. In addition, patients will experience an over the content or skin protruding out the anus that cause discomfort, itching and pain. Immediately see a doctor for people who have bleeding problems during defecation.When the patient had received a diagnosis hemorrhoids, the doctor will advise to change their diet and lifestyle as not too straining during a bowel movement, reduce red meat intake, increasing fiber intake and fruit and drinking lots of water.

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