Health Benefit Outdoor play for Children


One of the healthiest habits you can build for your child is to encourage more outdoor play. When children go outside or to a playground to play, they are doing more than just burning off energy.
Play helps children develop confidence and social skills, maintain physical fitness and appreciate nature.


– Outdoor play promotes healthy bodies. Getting your children to play outdoor is a perfect way to get them fit and lean. Playing outside will not only help prevent obesity but also help the children build stronger bones and muscles, improve their cardiovascular health.

– Children often lack sufficient vitamin D and getting them to play outdoors is a good way to get adequate vitamin D, which is found naturally in sunlight. Vitamin D is necessary for the body to improve the immune system and reduce inflammation. Children who don’t spend enough time outdoors are at a risk of vitamin D deficiency, which can cause health problem.

– Play is the ultimate social mechanism. In various forms it is a reflection of all forms of social interactions. It is also a very healthy way to ensure that kids get a good grounding in interaction with other children. A good outdoor game can achieve much more in terms of social development, making friends and reducing shyness.

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– The benefits of children playing outside are not only physical but also psychological. Playing outside teaches a child about nature and the environment. Playing outside also enables children to relax, reduce tension and help them solve problems.

– When playing outdoors, a child is also exposed to different textures, sound and smells, which they would not otherwise experience indoors. They are often allowed more freedom to explore and discover things for themselves, building their independence and confidence.


Unfortunately today’s generation of kids spend much more time in front of electronic media despite the many benefit of playing outdoors.

There are many ways to get your kids involved outdoors. There are many stores that sell games and toys suitable for outdoor use such as bicycle, skates, kites, etc.

You can even create an outdoor space that is exciting for your children to play in. Or you can kick or throw a ball around in the backyard together, go for rides, fishing or take your children to the playground. Make outdoor family time a part of your family routine.

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