Infographic : Drug Treatment works - These Stats Prove It

Data for the year 2012 from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) shows that 9.2 percent of the American population had used an illegal drug or abused a psychotherapeutic medication in the past month. Sadly, drug abuse remains a problem that plagues almost every corner of the world. In England, 298,752 people have been determined to be opiate or crack users. Though thousands of lives are lost

Flesh Eating Drug

A flesh eating drug has appeared in the United States after being discovered in Russia a decade ago. A street drug called krokodil or crocodile real name is desomorphine and it is similar to morphine and heroin. This flesh eating drug gets its street name from the fact that it turns users skin scaly and causes rough patches to break out all over the body, It also eats its victims

Antidepressants is risky for pregnancies

Do you use antidepressants during pregnancy? Or your relative using it during pregnancy? There’s a study that it is not good to use it during that period. The antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors(SSRIs) should only be prescribed must be guiding by an expeert. The study published from Human Reproduction journal that shows SSRIs that could risk of miscarriage, neonatal health complication, preterm birth and longer term neurobehavioral abnormalities including

Ketamine, The Street Drug for Depression

Do you think the street drug are working? Maybe some of us don’t really believe about the medicine we can get at the street. There’s a new study in the journal Science found that a single dose of ketamine can quash suicidal thoughts and relieve depression within 40 minutes. It is more reliable than any anti depressant drug. Eventhough the drug not a solution now but the researchers insight that

Five year old girl dies after took cough syrup

It is a notification to parent after heard about this Kimber Michelle Brown of Durango, Colorado was death after took a little bit too much cough syrup. The children staying with her grandmother when he took overdose syrup. According to Kimber’s father, the children started to get leg pain, cramps and muscle spasms after took the syrup. Not long after she collapsed and passed away. A toxiology report that children

Flesh Eating Drug

Introduction Opiates or narcotics are effective painkillers. It is similar to the effects of endorphins, a natural chemical in the brain that affect the ‘feel comfortable / happy’. These drugs stimulate the emotions and create a comfortable and quiet conditions. Dependence and addiction happens if it is frequently used. If this drug can not be obtained, the person will begin to show signs of withdrawal.